Saturday, March 9, 2013

Prophet Abraham # 2

Prophet Ibrahim Burned Alive
Court decisions have dijatuhakan.Nabi Ibrahim be punished by burning alive in the great fire of sin has been done. Preparation for burning ceremony to be witnessed by all the people was arranged. Field for an incinerator provided and firewood collection are held by many in which each resident in a joint effort to take Courant bring firewood as much as he can as a sign of devotion to the gods offerings Mark has been destroyed by the Prophet Ibrahim.
Flock-duyunlah residents from all over town carrying firewood as a donation and sign of devotion to God Mk. Among women who are pregnant and sick people who brought donations kindling the hope obtained the blessings of their gods with their cure or protect when she became pregnant maternity.Having collected firewood in lanpangan reserved for ceremonial burning and stacked and arranged laksan a hill, flock-duyunlah people came to witness the execution of the sentence upon Prophet Ibrahim. And burned wood and formed a powerful volcano that was floating on top of it fell on fire by the heat generated by the fire wap mounting it. Later in the bound state, the Prophet Ibrahim didtgkan and from the top of a high building into a pile of wood he dilemparkanlah burning it to the accompaniment of the word of God: "O fire, becomes you cool and safety for Abraham."
Since the sentencing decision until he was thrown into the hillside fire burning, the Prophet Ibrahim continued to show poise and resignation because of the faith and belief that God will not willingly relinquish lackey servant into the fire and ferocity sacrifice infidels the enemy of God . And so what happened when he was in the belly of the hill of fire that he felt cold in accordance with the call of God Protector, and only the ropes and chains that bound his hands and feet were charred, medium body and clothing terlekat the body remains intact, not in the least touched by the fire, where it is a miracle given by God to the chosen servant, the Prophet Ibrahim, in order to continue delivering the minutes assigned to the servants of God who lost it.
The audience burning ceremony hairan amazed when he saw the Prophet Ibrahim out of the hillside fire was extinguished and the ashes that are safe, with clothes still intact drift as usual, there are no signs of even the slightest touch of any flame. They left the field in a state bersurai hairan, wondering to himself and among each other how wonderful it was valid, even though they supposedly have real sin Abraham disobeyed the gods they worship and partly sembah.Ada DRP Mark that his heart began Mk skeptical religious truth but did not dare to bring forth a sense doubtful it to others, were the leaders and the leaders, Mark felt disappointed and embarrassed, because punishment Mk drop upon Prophet Ibrahim and bustle of people collecting firewood for weeks has ended in failure, so Mark was ashamed to Abraham and his followers.
God-given miracle s.w.t. to Abraham as proof of the truth of his message, has caused shock in the belief partly on offerings and statues Mk hearts and open the eyes of many to rethink the DRP Mark solicitation Prophet Ibrahim and his message, even less DRP Mark who want to express their faith in Prophet Ibrahim, but no thought would have difficulty in livelihood due to anger and revenge leaders and superiors who may become lost my mind when it sensed that its influence has bealih to the Prophet Ibrahim.

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