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As of Prophet Ibrahim, who emigrated to leave Egypt with Sarah, his wife, and Hagar, the ladies at their destination in Palestine. He has also brought all the animals moved their livestock and possessions that have diperolehinya as a result of operations in Egypt niaganya.Al-Bukhari narrated than Ibn Abbas raberkata:First, the use setagi (setagen) Ishmael's mother Hagar was the purpose to hide its contents from Siti Sarah who has long gathered by Prophet Ibrahim but not pregnant. but was also eventually opened walaubagaimana Rahsia to hide it with the birth of Prophet Ismail as And as usual as a wife Siti Sarah was already defeated by Siti Hajar as a ladies given to Prophet Ibrahim And since that's the feeling that free Siti Sarah Abraham more close Hajar sgt feeling happy with her son and the first single, which is why there keratakan beginning in the household of Abraham Siti Sarah felt so strong-minded if you see Siti Hajar and asked the Prophet Ibrahim in order to keep him away from her and put it in another place.
For a lesson that has not been known and recognized by Ibrahim, God Almighty revealed him to the desire and demand of his wife Sarah and dijauhkanlah Ismail met with his mother Hagar and Sarah to a place where he will go, and where his son Ishmael and his mother will be in place and who will be left behind.So with resignation to God departed Prophet Ibrahim left home brought Hagar and Ishmael diboncengkan upon his camel without a specific destination. He only submits to God that will give direction to the animals mount. And Abraham went a camel with three servants of God who was on his back out of the city into a sea of ​​sand and open fields where the scorching sun with stinging pain of body and strong winds menghembur waste of sand dust.
Ishmael and his mother Hagar Ditingalkan in Makkah
After weeks of being on a long journey that eventually tire came with Prophet Ibrahim Ismail and his mother in the holy city of Mecca where the Kaaba was established and became the idol of people from all over the world. in a place where the Grand Mosque is now, stop the camel of Prophet Ibrahim to end his journey and that is where he left his son with Hagar with serantang only provided with some food and drinks while the surrounding circumstances no plants, no running water, there was only rock and dry sand . How sad and anxious when Hagar will be abandoned by Abraham alone with small children in the dead calm of everything except the mountain rocks and sand. He said, moaning and crying, firmly holding the clothes Prophet Ibrahim pleaded mercy, he must not be left alone in the empty space, not a human being, not an animal, no trees and no visible flow of water anyway, and he still bears the burden of parenting small children who are still nursing. Prophet Ibrahim heard complaints tergamak Hajar was not leaving him alone in the place with a very dear son but he was conscious that what it is the will of Allah swt which of course contains the wisdom that is still shrouded him and he is also aware that free will God protect Ishmael and his mother in exile and all the hardship and suffering. He said to Hagar:
"Put thy trust in God who has set His will, trust His power and grace. Was he who ruled I brought you here and He will protect you and be with you in this lonely place. Verily, if not command and revelation, I tergamak not occasionally leave you here alone with my son very love. Believe O Hagar that God Almighty will not melantarkan you both without protection. mercy and His blessings will continue to come down on you for ever, insha-Allah. "
Hearing the words of Ibrahim was immediately release his grip on the shirt Hajar Ibrahim and dilepaskannyalah he rode his camel back to Palestine with the accompaniment of tears soaked body bercurahan Ismail who was hacking. Prophet Ibrahim was being unable to hold back her tears she keetika down from the highlands to leave Makkah heading back to Palestine where his wife Sarah with a second son Isaac was waiting. He not stop during the trip back to ask God protection, mercy and blessings and sustenance kurniaan for son and mother were left in that isolated place. He said in his prayer: "O my Lord! I have put my son and his descendants kids near your house} {Baitullahil Haram in the quiet valley of plants and humans to establish Mk prayer and worship Thee. Partly Make human hearts tend to Mark and Mark give sustenance from fruits LaZat, hopefully Mark thank you. "
Zamzam Spring
After the death of Prophet Abraham lived Hajar and his son in a remote and deserted. He had to accept the fate that has been destined by God for himself with patience and complete confidence in his protection. Bekalan brought food and drink on the way eventually eaten for several days sepeninggalan Abraham. Then he began to feel the weight of life Hajar who dies alone without the help of her husband. He still had to suckle her child, but the water dries tits increasingly due to lack of food. Son who can not drink from the breast to satisfy his mother started to become fussy and would not stop crying. His mother panicked, confused and anxious to hear the baby's cry was heartbreaking sgt. He turned to the right and to the left and run to it here looking for a bite of food or sip of water are interchangeable alleviate hunger and relieve a baby's cry, but futile effort. He went running toward the hills Safa harwalah see if he could get something to help him but only rocks and sand that gets there, then from the Safa hill he saw the shadow of the water flowing over the hill berharwahlah Marwah and run it to where it was, but it turns out that free he thought water adalha fatamorangana {} mere shadows and back into the hills Safa as heard as if a voice call but failed and melesetlah expected. So it was because of the encouragement livelihood and living life a much loved son, mundar-mundir Hajar ran seven times between Safa and Marwah hills that eventually he sat pensive feel tired and almost despair.
It is reported that free while Hagar was in a state of helplessness and despair almost except from God's grace and His help came to him the angel Gabriel asked: "Who are you?" "I am the slave of Abraham." Answer Hajar. "To whom do you deposited here?" Said Gabriel. "Only kepad God," said Gabriel Hajar.Lalu replied: "If so, then you have been entrusted to the One, Most Gracious, Merciful Again, who will protect, provide purpose of life and not be a waste of your son's father confidence in him. "
Then diajaklah Hajar followed him to go to a place where Gabriel set her feet firmly on the ground and immediately memancur of the former's feet clear water with the power of God. Zamzam spring That he who thus now considered sacred by pilgrims , crowded around him to get a drop of water or a sip of it and his deep history spring called "stamping Gabriel".Alngkah excited and relieved to see the chest Hajar's water fountain. Soon he wet his lips with water sacred son and his son's face soon also look fresh again, as the face of the mother who was sgt happy with the arrival of the miracle of the living God that restores freshness to his son after him, and haunted by the shadow of death hunger tense chest.
Zamzam water fountains have attracted the birds in the surrounding area also drew the attention of a group of Arab tribes who migrated and were Jurhum berkhemah around Makkah. They know from experience that where there is visible birds in the air, there is nescaya carrying water, then diutuslah by Mark several people to verify this theory. The investigators went to visit the area where Hajar was, then again bring glad tidings to his people about the state of the spring of Zamzam and Hagar with her son. Soon a group of tribes Jurhum perkhemahannya shifted to a nearby Zamzam, where the arrival of Mark was greeted with joy by the Hajar due Jurhum ethnic group around him, he obtained the neighbor-the neighbor who would eliminate the silence and loneliness that had been felt in the course of his life together with his son .
Hajar grateful to the grace of God has opened the hearts of people that tend to come in and break the silence enliven the valley where he was left alone by Ibrahim.

Prophet Ismail as Qurban
Prophet Ibrahim from period to contemporary went to Makkah to visit and see Ishmael in his retreat to eliminate the sense of longing heart to his son that he loved and always calm his rungsing when recalling state with her mother who abandoned her son in a barren, far from the city and general pengaulan.When Prophet Ismail reached the age of adolescence Prophet Ibrahim had a dream that he should slaughter his son Ismail. And the dream of a prophet is one of the ways the revelation of God, then the command received in a dream it must be implemented by the Prophet Ibrahim. He pondered a moment to sit exams that he faced great weight. As a father to a son who dikurniai decades of expected expected and desirable, a son who has reached the age where his services are to be used by the father, a son who is expected to become his heir and offspring survival penyampung, suddenly had to qurban and must be enumerated by hand snatched the lives of his own father.
But he as a prophet, messenger of God and religion carrier should be an example and role model for his followers to be obedient to God, running all his commandments and his love for God puts upon his love for children, wives, property and others. He must carry out the commands of God as revealed through dreams, whatever will happen as a result of the implementation of the order.It's very tough test faced by the Prophet Ibrahim, but according to the word of God which meant: "Allah knows best where and to whom he mandated his treatise." Prophet Ibrahim not waste anymore time, berazam {} fixed intention to slaughter his son Ishmael as qurban according to the commandment of God, who departed diterimanya.Dan necessarily Prophet Ibrahim headed to Makkah to meet and pass on to his son what God has commanded.
Prophet Ismail as a pious child who sgt obedient to God and devotion to his parents, when told by his father why he had come this time without hesitation and thinking long said to his father: "O my father! Deliver it what has been commanded by God to you. Thou will meet insha-Allah as a patient and obedient to orders. I only ask that in carrying out God's command, so that dad tied me so tight I could not move much so troublesome father, both in order to undress so as not to hit will cause a reduction in blood pahalaku and terharunya mom when saw three tajamkanlah parangmu and percepatkanlah perlaksanaan slaughter that relieve pain and pedihku, the fourth and last Convey my regards to my mother give her my clothes to be penghiburnya in grief and keepsakes and mementos of her son single . "Then dipeluknyalah Ismail and kissed on the cheek by the Prophet Abraham and said:" I have a son Bahagialah obedience to God, devotion to parents who willingly submit themselves to perform heart God's command. "
When the terrible slaughter has arrived. Diikatlah both hands and feet Ismail, dibaringkanlah it on the floor, and then they took a sharp machete that is readily available and, holding a machete in his hand, his eyes flooded Abraham looked from face to move her son to a shiny machete in his hand, as if the time his heart into a fight between a father's feelings on the one hand and the duty of the apostles on the one hand to another. In the end with his eyes closed, put a machete to the neck Prophet Ismail and slaughtering is done. But what power, which is so sharp machete turned out to be dull dileher Prophet Ismail and can not function properly and as expected.
This incident is a miracle from God confirming that the order pergorbanan Ismail was just a test for the Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail extent of their love and obedience to God. Apparently they have passed the exam very heavy. Prophet Ibrahim had shown a sincere loyalty to pergorbanan son. carry out God's command to worship while Ishmael is not the slightest doubt or waver in demonstrating her service to God and to his parents by handing souls to sacrifice his body, to the extent that instantaneous feeling that it was not mouth machete cut his throat, he said to his father: " O my father! Apparently you did not have the heart to cut my throat because he saw my face, I just try out telangkupkan job and deliver it without seeing my face. "But it remains powerless machete issued any drop of blood from the meat Ismail although he has ditelangkupkan and be tried cutting her throat from back.
In confusion and sorrow of heart, failing in his attempt to slaughter his son, came to the Prophet Ibrahim revelation with his words: "O Ibrahim! Thou has managed to implement your dreams, so we will reward those who do kebajikkan." Then as a ransom for life Ismail had saved it, Allah ordered Prophet Ibrahim to slaughter a goat that has been available in the side and immediately cut the goat's neck by him with a blunt machete in his son Ismail's neck. And this is the origin of the beginning of the sunnah berqurban committed by Muslims on Eid al-Adha feast every day in all corners of the world.

Prophet Abraham # 2

Prophet Ibrahim Burned Alive
Court decisions have dijatuhakan.Nabi Ibrahim be punished by burning alive in the great fire of sin has been done. Preparation for burning ceremony to be witnessed by all the people was arranged. Field for an incinerator provided and firewood collection are held by many in which each resident in a joint effort to take Courant bring firewood as much as he can as a sign of devotion to the gods offerings Mark has been destroyed by the Prophet Ibrahim.
Flock-duyunlah residents from all over town carrying firewood as a donation and sign of devotion to God Mk. Among women who are pregnant and sick people who brought donations kindling the hope obtained the blessings of their gods with their cure or protect when she became pregnant maternity.Having collected firewood in lanpangan reserved for ceremonial burning and stacked and arranged laksan a hill, flock-duyunlah people came to witness the execution of the sentence upon Prophet Ibrahim. And burned wood and formed a powerful volcano that was floating on top of it fell on fire by the heat generated by the fire wap mounting it. Later in the bound state, the Prophet Ibrahim didtgkan and from the top of a high building into a pile of wood he dilemparkanlah burning it to the accompaniment of the word of God: "O fire, becomes you cool and safety for Abraham."
Since the sentencing decision until he was thrown into the hillside fire burning, the Prophet Ibrahim continued to show poise and resignation because of the faith and belief that God will not willingly relinquish lackey servant into the fire and ferocity sacrifice infidels the enemy of God . And so what happened when he was in the belly of the hill of fire that he felt cold in accordance with the call of God Protector, and only the ropes and chains that bound his hands and feet were charred, medium body and clothing terlekat the body remains intact, not in the least touched by the fire, where it is a miracle given by God to the chosen servant, the Prophet Ibrahim, in order to continue delivering the minutes assigned to the servants of God who lost it.
The audience burning ceremony hairan amazed when he saw the Prophet Ibrahim out of the hillside fire was extinguished and the ashes that are safe, with clothes still intact drift as usual, there are no signs of even the slightest touch of any flame. They left the field in a state bersurai hairan, wondering to himself and among each other how wonderful it was valid, even though they supposedly have real sin Abraham disobeyed the gods they worship and partly sembah.Ada DRP Mark that his heart began Mk skeptical religious truth but did not dare to bring forth a sense doubtful it to others, were the leaders and the leaders, Mark felt disappointed and embarrassed, because punishment Mk drop upon Prophet Ibrahim and bustle of people collecting firewood for weeks has ended in failure, so Mark was ashamed to Abraham and his followers.
God-given miracle s.w.t. to Abraham as proof of the truth of his message, has caused shock in the belief partly on offerings and statues Mk hearts and open the eyes of many to rethink the DRP Mark solicitation Prophet Ibrahim and his message, even less DRP Mark who want to express their faith in Prophet Ibrahim, but no thought would have difficulty in livelihood due to anger and revenge leaders and superiors who may become lost my mind when it sensed that its influence has bealih to the Prophet Ibrahim.


Prophet Abraham a son of Aaazar (Tarih) Tahur bin bin bin Saruj Rau 'bin Falij Syalih bin bin bin Aaabir Arfakhsyad son Saam bin Nuh He was born in a place called "Faddam A'ram" in the kingdom "Babylon" which at that time was ruled by a king named "Nimrod bin Kan'aan."Babylon at that time included a prosperous kingdom people live happy, prosperous, self-sufficient in the circumstances clothing mahupun views and proposition-the proposition that a purpose of their physical growth. However, the level of their spiritual life is still at the level of ignorance. They do not know God their Creator who had given their gifts with all the worldly pleasures and happiness. Their offerings are the statues of their own carving stones or made of mud and dirt.Their king Nimrod bin Kan'aan run with an iron hand the reins of government and absolute power. All will is done, and all orders are laws that can not be violated or in freshwater. Immense power that was in his hand and luxury living berlebuh exaggeration that he enjoyed making the long run he is not satisfied with his position as king. He felt he was worshiped by his people as a god. He thinks if people Want and willingly worshiped statues of stone built up can not bring benefit and happiness for them, why is not he who is worshiped as a god. He can speak, to hear, to think, to lead Mark, bring prosperity to them and let go of the misery and distress. He can transform poor people into rich and the abjectly appointment of a noble man. in addition all, he was a king who ruled the country and has a large and spacious.In the midst of such bad people and dibesarkanlah Prophet Ibrahim was born to a father who worked as a sculptor and sculpture trader. He was a messenger of God and the Apostle calun that will bring a lamp of truth to his people, the way has inspired counsel and mind sharp intellect and consciousness that what he has done by his people, including his own father was a misguided done that signifies ignorance and kecetekan mind and that offerings his people to the statues are unjust act that must be fought in order meerk dibanteras and return to the true sacrifice is an offering to God Almighty, God the creator of this universe.During the teenage years are often told Abraham his father around town peddling homemade sculptures but due to the faith and the unity that has been inspired by God to him he was not eager to peddle the stuff even mocked the sculptures he offered his father to the prospective buyer with words : "Who will buy statues is useless?"

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Thamud is the name of a tribe which by some historians put part of the Arabs, and others classify them into the Jewish nation. They lived in a plateau named "Alhijir" lies between Hijaz and the Levant, including the formerly colonized and ruled the tribe Aad had tornado swept perish is sent by God as retribution for disobedience and their denial of the Prophet Hud treatise propaganda and the U.S.
Prosperity and the luxuries of life and natural resources previously owned and enjoyed by the Aad had been inherited by the Thamud. Fertile soils that provide abundant yield, milking animals breed and fat, flower gardens beautiful-beautiful, the houses built on level ground and dipahatnya of the mountain. Everything that makes them live peaceful, prosperous and happy, feel safe from any natural disturbances and the luxuries of life they will be eternal for them and their children.
Thamud did not know God. God they are idols that they worship and devotion, her berqurban Mk, where Mk requested reinforcements and protection from all misfortune and the goodness and happiness. They can not see or think further and what they can reach with the five senses.

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Prophet Hud

"Aad" is the name of the father of a tribe that lived in the Arabian peninsula at a place called "Al-Ahqaf" is located in the north of Yemen and Hadramaut atr Umman and includes the oldest tribes sesudak the famous Noah and physical force in the form of bodies large and giant. They gives by God arable land with water sources that flow from all directions  facilitate their bercucuk food crops to BHN Mk. and beautify their homes and gardens with beautiful flowers-beautiful. Thanks to the grace of God that they are alive to prosper, prosperous and happy, and in a short time they multiply and become the largest tribe among the tribes that live around him.

Prophet Noah

 Prophet Noah was fourth after Adam, Idris and Syith and ninth descendant of the Prophet Adam. His father was the son Metusyalih Lamik bin Idris.

Propagation of Noah to his people

Noah received a revelation from God in his prophetic "fatrah" period between the two apostles void where usually people gradually forget the religion brought by Prophet who left them and returned syirik leave good deeds, do munkar and wickedness under the leadership Satan.
Thus the people of Prophet Noah did not escape from the process, so that when Noah came in the middle of them, they were idolatrous statues are made by their own hands as his worshiped gods that can bring goodness and benefit and rejects all woes and misfortunes. idols in God s and according to the trust they have the power and supernatural power upon man was given the names of the turns according to the will and taste of their ignorance. Sometimes they call their idols "Wadd" and "Suwa" sometimes "Yaguts" and when tired replaced with the name "Yatuq" and "Nasr".

Prophet Idris AS

Not much information obtained about the story of Prophet Idris in the Koran and in the books of Tafsir and history books of the prophets. In the Koran there are only two verses about Prophet Idris is in surah Maryam verse 56 and 57:"And mention (O Muhammad to them, the story of) Idris contained in the Quran. Indeed he was a very justified and a prophet. 57 - And We raised him to the dignity." {Maryam: 56-57}Prophet Idris was a descendant of the Prophet Adam sixth son of Yarid Qinan bin bin bin Mihla'iel Anusy bin Adam bin Syith and is a descendant of the prophet dikurniai first became prophet after Adam and Syith.Prophet Idris according to history while living in Egypt where he was preaching to the religion of Allah preached monotheism and worship worship God and give some pendoman life for his followers in order to save himself from the torment of the Hereafter and the devastation and destruction in the world. He lived to the age of 82.Among some advice and words of pearls are:1. Patience of faith in God bring victory.2. People who are happy are people wary and expect intercession of God with deeds solehnya.3. If you apply something to God and pray that your intentions ikhlaskanlah so fast and solatmu.4. Do not swear in a state you do not lie and menuntup oath of the person who lied that ye sin not their ally.5. Obey the king-king and submit to the chief pembesarmu and fill the always mouth-mouth with thanksgiving and praise to God.6. Do not envy people who are good fate, because they will not be much and long to enjoy the goodness of his fate.7. Whoever goes beyond the simplicity that nothing would satisfy him.8. Without handing out favors obtained a can not thank God for the favors he got it.In relation to the word of God that free high dignity Prophet Idris was appointed in his Tafseer Ibn Abi Hatim history that Prophet Idris died were in the sky when the fourth was brought by an angel Wallahu a'alam bissawab


After Allah created the earth with mountains, oceans and sea-grown - its plants, creating a sky with sun, moon and the stars that shine created his angels spirits yangdiciptakan is similar to mediate between substance worship the Almighty by servant servants, especially the apostles and the prophets then came the will of Allah swt to create another kind of creature that would inhabit and populate the earth keep enjoying growing its growth, managing the wealth buried in them and breed-hereditary heir inherits all the time that has been destined for him.

Concerns The Angel.

The angels when notified by Allah His command will create other creatures, they fear the God created other beings, due to negligence or carelessness in worship and breach of duty or because they do without realizing it. They said to God: "O our Lord! Do what God created other creatures besides us, when we used to celebrate, tahmid, do worship and glorify thy name ceaselessly, being creatures of God are created and sent down to earth He will quarrel with each other, kill each other will kill competing natural wealth visible control on it and buried in it, so it will be, there was damage and destruction on the earth that God created it. "

Allah says, eliminating the angels kekhuatiran:
"I know what you do not know and I'm the one who knows the wisdom of the Children of Adam mastery over the earth's sake. When I created him and breathed his spirits, ye prostrate before the new creature as a tribute and not as a prostration of worship, because Allah forbids his servants to worship his fellow creatures. "
Then Adam was created by God s.w.t. from a lump of clay, dried and shaped black mud. Once perfected form of God's creation spirit breathed into it and stand it upright into a perfect human being

Satan rebelled.

penerimaan brigadir polisi 2013

Seluruh indonesia 17000 org, dengan rincian , polwan 500 orang , polisi laki laki 16.500 orang (4250 org untuk Brigadir Brimob dan 12250 org untuk Brigadir Dalmas).
Buka pendidikan 27 mei 2013, selama 7 bulan. Pendaftaran 2 – 29 maret 2013 via online
Ingat regristrasi hanya melalui online..

Sumber : Divisi Humas Mabes Polri

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The History of English Curriculum in Indonesia

A.     Brief Overview of Indonesia
Indonesia is a multicultural nation. It has a population of 210,5 million of which consists of 500 different ethnic groups scattered in 30 provinces on 17,500 islands (Diknas website, 2004). Many countries in Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Philippine, Papua New Guinea, and East Timor surround Indonesia. To the south part, Australia is the nearest neighbouring country of Indonesia.
 Like other developing countries, Indonesia is considered an agricultural country. Therefore, in the working sector, many people work in the agriculture sector. Indonesia also has many natural resources such as oil, nickel, timber, and gold.
 The people of Indonesia have different customs, habits and practices. They are generally polite, religious, and respectful to others. Although the people speak more than 300 local languages in daily life, they regard the Indonesian language as their national language. This means that in governance, politics, economics, and education, Indonesian language is used.

Education in Indonesia
Indonesia proclaimed its freedom on 17 August 1945. Since then Indonesia has had five presidents. Whenever the government changes, the policy on education also changes. At the beginning of the independence, Education was not a primary priority. Security was the area of most concern to the government. When Soeharto became the second president, in what was called the “new era”, the government started to develop the education sector. They started by categorising the school systems through levels. They are elementary school, junior secondary school, senior school, and higher school like university and institute. They also built many schools around Indonesia and recruited many teachers.

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Adolescence is a time of transition from the child to the adult who experienced the development of all aspects / functions to enter adulthood, including aspects of physical, sexual, and social. Usually teenagers are not considered as members of the community to be heard and considered opinion and thought to be responsible for himself. First they must master the knowledge and technology in certain capacities, and have emotional stability, social and personality. In the Islamic view of man when was akhil puberty, it has been responsible for every deed. If they do good will be rewarded and when doing good deeds will not sin. Adolescence is a time where the incidence of a variety of needs and emotions as well as the growing strength and physical ability is more obvious and the poor become due. But adolescence filled with feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and worry, which berkecambuk hope and challenge, pleasure and pain, it must be passed with an uphill battle, to the next day and mature adults.
Psychologically, adolescence is the age in which the individual berintelegensi with adult society, the age where children no longer feel under the floor of older people but is in the same form of money, at least on the right problem.

 Characteristic of adolescence.
Character can be defined as behavior that is consistent tendency outwardly and inwardly. Here some of the characteristics of adolescents:
a. The process of socialization.
b. Relations boys - men and women.
c. Broke away from the group.
d. Adolescent relationships with families.
e. Guidance.

  Implications of child development teens.
a. Foreign factor.
    - Environment.
      1. Nature.
      2. Social.
   - Instrumental.
     1. Curriculum / materials.
     2. Master / Teacher.
     3. Facilities and amenities.
Administration / Management.
b. Factors In.
   - Physiology
     1. Physical Condition.
     2. Conditions of Five Senses.
  - Psychology.
    1. Talent.
    2. Interest.