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Thamud is the name of a tribe which by some historians put part of the Arabs, and others classify them into the Jewish nation. They lived in a plateau named "Alhijir" lies between Hijaz and the Levant, including the formerly colonized and ruled the tribe Aad had tornado swept perish is sent by God as retribution for disobedience and their denial of the Prophet Hud treatise propaganda and the U.S.
Prosperity and the luxuries of life and natural resources previously owned and enjoyed by the Aad had been inherited by the Thamud. Fertile soils that provide abundant yield, milking animals breed and fat, flower gardens beautiful-beautiful, the houses built on level ground and dipahatnya of the mountain. Everything that makes them live peaceful, prosperous and happy, feel safe from any natural disturbances and the luxuries of life they will be eternal for them and their children.
Thamud did not know God. God they are idols that they worship and devotion, her berqurban Mk, where Mk requested reinforcements and protection from all misfortune and the goodness and happiness. They can not see or think further and what they can reach with the five senses.

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Prophet Hud

"Aad" is the name of the father of a tribe that lived in the Arabian peninsula at a place called "Al-Ahqaf" is located in the north of Yemen and Hadramaut atr Umman and includes the oldest tribes sesudak the famous Noah and physical force in the form of bodies large and giant. They gives by God arable land with water sources that flow from all directions  facilitate their bercucuk food crops to BHN Mk. and beautify their homes and gardens with beautiful flowers-beautiful. Thanks to the grace of God that they are alive to prosper, prosperous and happy, and in a short time they multiply and become the largest tribe among the tribes that live around him.

Prophet Noah

 Prophet Noah was fourth after Adam, Idris and Syith and ninth descendant of the Prophet Adam. His father was the son Metusyalih Lamik bin Idris.

Propagation of Noah to his people

Noah received a revelation from God in his prophetic "fatrah" period between the two apostles void where usually people gradually forget the religion brought by Prophet who left them and returned syirik leave good deeds, do munkar and wickedness under the leadership Satan.
Thus the people of Prophet Noah did not escape from the process, so that when Noah came in the middle of them, they were idolatrous statues are made by their own hands as his worshiped gods that can bring goodness and benefit and rejects all woes and misfortunes. idols in God s and according to the trust they have the power and supernatural power upon man was given the names of the turns according to the will and taste of their ignorance. Sometimes they call their idols "Wadd" and "Suwa" sometimes "Yaguts" and when tired replaced with the name "Yatuq" and "Nasr".

Prophet Idris AS

Not much information obtained about the story of Prophet Idris in the Koran and in the books of Tafsir and history books of the prophets. In the Koran there are only two verses about Prophet Idris is in surah Maryam verse 56 and 57:"And mention (O Muhammad to them, the story of) Idris contained in the Quran. Indeed he was a very justified and a prophet. 57 - And We raised him to the dignity." {Maryam: 56-57}Prophet Idris was a descendant of the Prophet Adam sixth son of Yarid Qinan bin bin bin Mihla'iel Anusy bin Adam bin Syith and is a descendant of the prophet dikurniai first became prophet after Adam and Syith.Prophet Idris according to history while living in Egypt where he was preaching to the religion of Allah preached monotheism and worship worship God and give some pendoman life for his followers in order to save himself from the torment of the Hereafter and the devastation and destruction in the world. He lived to the age of 82.Among some advice and words of pearls are:1. Patience of faith in God bring victory.2. People who are happy are people wary and expect intercession of God with deeds solehnya.3. If you apply something to God and pray that your intentions ikhlaskanlah so fast and solatmu.4. Do not swear in a state you do not lie and menuntup oath of the person who lied that ye sin not their ally.5. Obey the king-king and submit to the chief pembesarmu and fill the always mouth-mouth with thanksgiving and praise to God.6. Do not envy people who are good fate, because they will not be much and long to enjoy the goodness of his fate.7. Whoever goes beyond the simplicity that nothing would satisfy him.8. Without handing out favors obtained a can not thank God for the favors he got it.In relation to the word of God that free high dignity Prophet Idris was appointed in his Tafseer Ibn Abi Hatim history that Prophet Idris died were in the sky when the fourth was brought by an angel Wallahu a'alam bissawab


After Allah created the earth with mountains, oceans and sea-grown - its plants, creating a sky with sun, moon and the stars that shine created his angels spirits yangdiciptakan is similar to mediate between substance worship the Almighty by servant servants, especially the apostles and the prophets then came the will of Allah swt to create another kind of creature that would inhabit and populate the earth keep enjoying growing its growth, managing the wealth buried in them and breed-hereditary heir inherits all the time that has been destined for him.

Concerns The Angel.

The angels when notified by Allah His command will create other creatures, they fear the God created other beings, due to negligence or carelessness in worship and breach of duty or because they do without realizing it. They said to God: "O our Lord! Do what God created other creatures besides us, when we used to celebrate, tahmid, do worship and glorify thy name ceaselessly, being creatures of God are created and sent down to earth He will quarrel with each other, kill each other will kill competing natural wealth visible control on it and buried in it, so it will be, there was damage and destruction on the earth that God created it. "

Allah says, eliminating the angels kekhuatiran:
"I know what you do not know and I'm the one who knows the wisdom of the Children of Adam mastery over the earth's sake. When I created him and breathed his spirits, ye prostrate before the new creature as a tribute and not as a prostration of worship, because Allah forbids his servants to worship his fellow creatures. "
Then Adam was created by God s.w.t. from a lump of clay, dried and shaped black mud. Once perfected form of God's creation spirit breathed into it and stand it upright into a perfect human being

Satan rebelled.

penerimaan brigadir polisi 2013

Seluruh indonesia 17000 org, dengan rincian , polwan 500 orang , polisi laki laki 16.500 orang (4250 org untuk Brigadir Brimob dan 12250 org untuk Brigadir Dalmas).
Buka pendidikan 27 mei 2013, selama 7 bulan. Pendaftaran 2 – 29 maret 2013 via online
Ingat regristrasi hanya melalui online..

Sumber : Divisi Humas Mabes Polri

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The History of English Curriculum in Indonesia

A.     Brief Overview of Indonesia
Indonesia is a multicultural nation. It has a population of 210,5 million of which consists of 500 different ethnic groups scattered in 30 provinces on 17,500 islands (Diknas website, 2004). Many countries in Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Philippine, Papua New Guinea, and East Timor surround Indonesia. To the south part, Australia is the nearest neighbouring country of Indonesia.
 Like other developing countries, Indonesia is considered an agricultural country. Therefore, in the working sector, many people work in the agriculture sector. Indonesia also has many natural resources such as oil, nickel, timber, and gold.
 The people of Indonesia have different customs, habits and practices. They are generally polite, religious, and respectful to others. Although the people speak more than 300 local languages in daily life, they regard the Indonesian language as their national language. This means that in governance, politics, economics, and education, Indonesian language is used.

Education in Indonesia
Indonesia proclaimed its freedom on 17 August 1945. Since then Indonesia has had five presidents. Whenever the government changes, the policy on education also changes. At the beginning of the independence, Education was not a primary priority. Security was the area of most concern to the government. When Soeharto became the second president, in what was called the “new era”, the government started to develop the education sector. They started by categorising the school systems through levels. They are elementary school, junior secondary school, senior school, and higher school like university and institute. They also built many schools around Indonesia and recruited many teachers.

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Adolescence is a time of transition from the child to the adult who experienced the development of all aspects / functions to enter adulthood, including aspects of physical, sexual, and social. Usually teenagers are not considered as members of the community to be heard and considered opinion and thought to be responsible for himself. First they must master the knowledge and technology in certain capacities, and have emotional stability, social and personality. In the Islamic view of man when was akhil puberty, it has been responsible for every deed. If they do good will be rewarded and when doing good deeds will not sin. Adolescence is a time where the incidence of a variety of needs and emotions as well as the growing strength and physical ability is more obvious and the poor become due. But adolescence filled with feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and worry, which berkecambuk hope and challenge, pleasure and pain, it must be passed with an uphill battle, to the next day and mature adults.
Psychologically, adolescence is the age in which the individual berintelegensi with adult society, the age where children no longer feel under the floor of older people but is in the same form of money, at least on the right problem.

 Characteristic of adolescence.
Character can be defined as behavior that is consistent tendency outwardly and inwardly. Here some of the characteristics of adolescents:
a. The process of socialization.
b. Relations boys - men and women.
c. Broke away from the group.
d. Adolescent relationships with families.
e. Guidance.

  Implications of child development teens.
a. Foreign factor.
    - Environment.
      1. Nature.
      2. Social.
   - Instrumental.
     1. Curriculum / materials.
     2. Master / Teacher.
     3. Facilities and amenities.
Administration / Management.
b. Factors In.
   - Physiology
     1. Physical Condition.
     2. Conditions of Five Senses.
  - Psychology.
    1. Talent.
    2. Interest.

Child Development Age Youth

In developmental psychology books are different - different use of the term - the term is also sometimes different but have the same meaning / almost the same. User terms to mention the transition from childhood to adulthood, no one gave the term: puberty (UK), puberteif (Netherlands), puberty (Latin), which means that at maturity landasi by nature and a sign - a sign kelaki - males. Limitation teenagers from various experts is highly variable, in the proposed restrictions could sisni: Adolescence is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood are experiencing all aspects of the development / function to enter adulthood, including physical, sexual, and social. Usually the teenager has not been considered as a member of society that need to be heard and considered their opinions and be responsible for him. First they need to master science and technology in some capacity, as well as having emotional stability, social and personality.
In the Islamic view of man when it akhil baligh, it has been responsible for his actions. If he does good will be rewarded and if doing good deeds will not sin. Adolescence is a time when the incidence of a variety of needs and emotions as well as the growing strength and physical abilities are more obvious and poor power to mature. But adolescence filled with feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and wavering, which berkecambuk expectations and challenges, pleasure and pain, all of them must be passed with an uphill battle, to the next day and adult psychological matang.Secara, adolescence is the age at which an individual berintelegensi with the adults, the age at which children no longer felt under the level of people who are older but are in the same level of money, at least on the issue of rights.

10 biggest lies in the history of the world

10. Strategy Trojan horse (Trojan Horse)

When the Trojan Paris to escape with Helen (wife of the Spartan king), war is inevitable. It happened nearly 10 years until the Trojan is successful controlled by Greece.
It is genius, Greece built a giant wooden horse ("Trojan Horse") is very large with a hollow stomach so people can hide in it. Greek convinced that it was a peace offering prizes as a reward for an enemy. "Trojan Horse" then gladly accepted and taken on an enemy fortress. At night, the Greek soldiers hiding inside, began to sneak in homes. Then, they committed genocide and destroy Trojan without hesitation

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Di lereng Gunung Lawu hidup seorang petani bersama istrinya yang bernama Kyai Jalilung dan Nyai Jalilung. Sehariannya bercocok tanam di ladang. Seperti biasa setiap hari Nyai Jalilung mengantarkan makanan untuk suaminya yang bekerja.