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Adolescence is a time of transition from the child to the adult who experienced the development of all aspects / functions to enter adulthood, including aspects of physical, sexual, and social. Usually teenagers are not considered as members of the community to be heard and considered opinion and thought to be responsible for himself. First they must master the knowledge and technology in certain capacities, and have emotional stability, social and personality. In the Islamic view of man when was akhil puberty, it has been responsible for every deed. If they do good will be rewarded and when doing good deeds will not sin. Adolescence is a time where the incidence of a variety of needs and emotions as well as the growing strength and physical ability is more obvious and the poor become due. But adolescence filled with feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and worry, which berkecambuk hope and challenge, pleasure and pain, it must be passed with an uphill battle, to the next day and mature adults.
Psychologically, adolescence is the age in which the individual berintelegensi with adult society, the age where children no longer feel under the floor of older people but is in the same form of money, at least on the right problem.

 Characteristic of adolescence.
Character can be defined as behavior that is consistent tendency outwardly and inwardly. Here some of the characteristics of adolescents:
a. The process of socialization.
b. Relations boys - men and women.
c. Broke away from the group.
d. Adolescent relationships with families.
e. Guidance.

  Implications of child development teens.
a. Foreign factor.
    - Environment.
      1. Nature.
      2. Social.
   - Instrumental.
     1. Curriculum / materials.
     2. Master / Teacher.
     3. Facilities and amenities.
Administration / Management.
b. Factors In.
   - Physiology
     1. Physical Condition.
     2. Conditions of Five Senses.
  - Psychology.
    1. Talent.
    2. Interest.

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